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  • Dreamcatchers and the Spider Goddess

    Dreamcatchers are iconic, well-known symbols within Native American cultures. The tradition of dreamcatchers originates from the Ojibwa tribe. For the Ojibwa, the dreamcatcher symbolizes natural wisdom. Ojibway is the name of the tribe in Canada, and the name of the American tribes is Chippewa. Ojibwas reside in southern Canada in Manitoba and Ontario and in

  • Fairies In Finnish Mythology and Folklore

    Spirits around us ​The worldview of the ancient Finnish tribes was animistic and it was believed that everything in nature had its own soul and spirit. Nature was filled with invisible spirits and many of them had the ability to affect the lives of men, therefore, respect for nature and its powers was essential in

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Chomping At The Bit

Dear Reader, How often do you stand in front of your refrigerator, thinking about the beautiful meal you have planned, then realize you will have

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Caught Between the Bridge and the Waves

Louise Rhodes

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Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth?

General Bruce When you read the post about brushing your cat’s teeth, let me know how you can do so. Forget the teeth; I can’t

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Is Your Cat Losing Teeth?

Is Your Cat Losing Teeth? Here’s Why

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Arcturian Tricks & Spiritual Practices

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