Speaking The Truth

The truth will set you free. Well, that depends on the fact you speak. Sometimes it makes a bigger mess than when you started. Standing up for yourself is scary and can, at times, mean nothing. It doesn’t change anything, or that is what you think because nothing happened. That fact may not be the truth.

You changed everything because you spoke out. You did the change. No one may have noticed, but your spirit did. They applauded your bravery. Yes, all of them, the spirit guides, the angels, the gods, and goddesses.

You cried out at the injustice that you had to endure inside. You whispered to others, and they did not hear because of the loudness inside themselves. The ones who were supposed to protect you did not. They could not because no one saved them from the injustice they had endured.

Your strength got you through. You closed off yourself from others to save yourself. You blocked your ability to be open, but you never stayed quiet to those that could see. They saw, and all they could do was support you the best they could. All the while, you cried in misery, looking for a solution to a never-ending cycle.

You stood up for yourself. You took action that no one else did. The cost of your effort was devastation. You faced remorse and grief, shame and depression for years because you stood firm. There should be pride in you for that fact.

Now, we heal. It is time to open up again. To be free, to be.

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