Astral Spiders!

For twenty-five years, I had night-time visitations of astral spiders. Most of the astral spiders I witnessed were the size of a car tire and black as the shadows, and they glowed as if they were luminescent. For those who may not know, the astral or ethereal spiders are energetic parasites. They feed on the energy of the aura and can deplete the chakras.

As soon as they popped into the room, I would wake up and watch those creepy entities start at the left side of the wall facing my feet and crawl up to the ceiling. Their trek would take them to the right side of the room and down the wall until they were behind my head. At first, I was terrified. I was not too fond of spiders because, like my father, a spider never failed to bite us. On a positive note: these spiders were giant! The smaller, the worst.

After a while, the visitations would elicit a string of obscenities from my mouth and possibly cause me to exit the bed. As time passed, I became less frightened and instead angrier. I would tell them to go away and smack at the air as though I could hit them. Years later, I eventually accepted them as a usual occurrence.

Fast forward to 2019. I moved into a lovely cottage perfect for myself, my husband, our four cats, and two dogs. My furry cat friend, Bruce, slept at my feet most nights and guarded me. One night, I witnessed a red astral spider over Bruce. Anger swept over me, and I knew that was it. I was going to find out what these entities were and get rid of them once and for all.

I was able to research the astral spider, and with knowledge of what they were, I have been able to fight them. The red spider tried to open a portal a few years ago, and I closed it with a pinch. Last night, it was able to come through. What did I do? I zapped it with my finger as if it were a laser and killed it, laughing the whole time.

I love regular spiders now. Yeah, my windows are full of their webs. Astral spiders? Nope.

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