The Doctrine of Men

Throughout the ages, women were second-hand creatures. No, I do not even think they were considered human. I’m sure it didn’t start that way. Males and females worked together to survive. One, apparently the female, gathered food and the male kept the other safe from the dinosaurs and whatever else caused harm. Of course, I wasn’t there, and neither were the scientists who decided that fact. Sounds good, anyway.

Somewhere along the line, a change happened. Men decided that women were sub-standard. Is it because she was more in tune with nature? Did she know how to cure an illness using plants, which frightened them? All those years of gathering allowed her knowledge that the male didn’t have. I guess the male felt inferior and decided to lash out at the female. Who knows?

However, the shift was detrimental to the woman whenever it happened. She was considered evil because she ate the forbidden apple. Did she really, though? What happened to the female who ensured the family was safe while the male was gone? She was strong enough to do everything else the male didn’t. Which was everything since he wasn’t there. He was bashing the dinosaur. Who really discovered fire? Yeah, that’s the question.

So, a man came up with a story that the woman is stupid, weak, and useless without them. She bleeds every month, and her blood is terrible. Ah, don’t forget she is the scapegoat also. She is evil. What? That is insane. Now, do you want to say I’m exaggerating? Really?

When I was in my twenties, I read a passage in the Old Testament of the Bible that told a story about one of God’s chosen ones. The quote that stood out to me was about God telling this man to spread his seed wherever he goes to populate the word. I cannot find the selection today because that wouldn’t be a proper thing to tell God’s people. It is not indexed. What I read totally blew me away. My biggest gripe about sex and religion is that the man could basically do whatever he wants because no one can prove it. A woman is judged by whether she is a virgin or not. There is a medical fact that a woman’s Hyman does not confirm whether she is a virgin. It may or may not bleed the first time she has sexual intercourse. The archaic ideals have been the demise of many innocent women for centuries.

Move forward to today. We are discussing accountability. It is considered a rite of passage if a man decides to sow his oaks. A woman is labeled a Jezebel, a whore, loose. You get the picture. A man usually isn’t held accountable for his antics. On the other hand, a woman is responsible for everything. Why is there an apparent divide between the sexes?

We haven’t even got to the part of females who are repressed. I say the word female because some of these humans are still children. They are thrown into a world of abuse, prostitution, mutilation, and who knows what else because they are female. I have not forgotten the male child either. The fact is these humans are treated worse than animals. Do you realize MOST OF THE ABUSE is done by men who think they are above these precious humans and destroy them?

This has been done for centuries. It is nothing new. Every culture has evidence of these atrocities occurring. The innocents are ignored, while the masses close themselves to the truth. Then the cycle repeats itself. Some of the victims continue the abuse because it is all they know. They were ignored, so they thought it was the correct way.

This cycle of oppression and abuse must stop. Open your eyes to the truth and stop sinking your heads in the sand. It is not going away. We have organizations for the abuse of animals but not the abuse of humans. What we do have doesn’t work. A woman is given ridiculous advice when she asks for help. The perpetrator is given a slap on the back of the hand in public and a slap on the back in private. ‘You got caught, dude, be careful.’ The cycle continues.

Really, the right to decide about YOUR body is your decision. A man, a woman, a church, or a government does not have that decision. It is between you and your higher self. If you can live with the decision to have an abortion or not is on you. Yes, there is another human involved because there always is. Consider all the other humans needing help before you decide and jump on the soap box. I’m not only talking about abortion. I could make a list a mile long of situations in which a human isn’t allowed to decide their own fate because the few had to have their way.

Quality of life does not only include money. Love, compassion, safety. Being allowed to be free to be, without harm. Having what it takes to live, to be wanted and accepted.

It is so scary to live in this world today. As always, issues are carefully chosen to inflict the most damage to the innocent, who cannot fight back. They, you know who you are, pick on the less fortunate in disguise of goodwill. Open your eyes, humans, to what is truly going on!

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