Abuse: The Silent Epidemic

I have to sit in my chair to contemplate how I will write on this subject. I am angry, or I should say, WE are angry, as the victims of abuse. Yes, I can hear people say, I should get over it already. REALLY?

I would put my abusive childhood behind me if it were only me affected by abuse. When abused children grow up, it is most likely that that person will either be an abuser or a victim of abuse as an adult. The emotional scars create a cause-and-effect situation. I intend to dig deeper into the cycle of abuse and hopefully provide peace to others.

The journey I am embarking on will take me to a place I have been avoiding. I did not want to write about my experience because of shame and guilt. These feelings should not exist in reality because I shouldn’t own them, but I do anyway. The recent Lion’s Gate and Full Moon have allowed me to reflect more on my healing. I have been encouraged by the spirit guides that I must write. I must make my voice heard. I intend to be the voice of the innocent.

I will write on this subject until I get my point across. However long it takes, we will no longer be silent.

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